1. Subject to section 2.1.2, the person signing up for the Service will be the contracting party (“Account Owner”) for the purposes of our Terms of Service and will be the person who is authorized to use any corresponding account we may provide to the Account Owner in connection with the Service.
  2. If you are signing up for the Service on behalf of your employer, your employer shall be the Account Owner. If you are signing up for the Service on behalf of your employer, then you represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind your employer to our Terms of Service.
  3. Upon completion of sign up for the Service, Hostblck.com will create a PayPal Express Checkout account on your behalf, using your email address. Depending on your location, Hostblck.com may also create a Hostblck.com Payments account on your behalf.
  4. You acknowledge that PayPal Express Checkout and/or Hostblck.com Payments will be your default payments gateway(s) and that it is your sole responsibility as the Account Owner to activate and maintain these accounts. If you do not wish to keep either of the payment accounts active, it is your responsibility to deactivate them. For the avoidance of doubt, PayPal Express Checkout is a Third Party Service, as defined in Section 15 of these Terms of Service.

At Hostblck.com. we value our patrons and want them to have a good experience with us. In order to provide the best possible service to our customers, all customers must follow the same rules and guidelines. These guidelines are designed to ensure that Hostblck.com’s services are used consistently and effectively by all our customers.

User-provided Content
All services may only be used for legitimate purposes. Through the Hostblck.com Services, you may access chat areas, bulletin boards, web pages, email or other services, submit or post materials (“Content”) and make such Content available to others. You may not submit, publish or post any Content on the Network that is defamatory, inaccurate, offensive, obscene, infringing or threatening. In addition, you will not submit, publish or post content that violates any U.S. federal, state or local law. You are solely responsible for the content you make available through the Hostblck.com. Network. You may not use the Services to assist any other person or entity in violating any federal, state or local law, order or regulation.

Hostblck.com has no obligation to monitor its network to investigate available content. Hostblck.com may determine, in its sole discretion, that content is unacceptable, offensive, abusive, indecent, obscene, excessively violent or otherwise objectionable. Hostblck.com may disclose any content or records related to your account as necessary to comply with any law, regulation, government request or court order. We may disclose this information to.

Sites that promote illegal activities or content that could damage Hostblck.com servers or other servers on the Internet are strictly prohibited. Links to such material are also prohibited. Sites that market or promote bulk email services are also prohibited. Examples of unacceptable content and links include

“Pirated software (Warez) – Copyrighted software that is not freely distributed, such as ROMs, ROM emulators and MPEG Layer 3 (MP3) files.

“Copyright Infringement – The infringement of a copyright held by an individual or company may result in civil and criminal liability for the infringer.

“Hacking/Flaking” – Includes sites with material, links or resources that promote or participate in hacking, flaking, viruses, lawlessness or intentional damage to websites or providers.

Network Security
Customers may not use the Hostblck.com network. You may not use the Hostblck.com network to attempt to circumvent user authentication or host, network or account security. This includes, but is not limited to, accessing data you do not intend to access, logging into servers or accounts you are not specifically authorized to access, cracking passwords, looking for vulnerabilities in the security of other networks, or violating the security policies of other organizations. This includes, but is not limited to. You must not attempt to disrupt or deny service to any user, host or network. Hostblck.com. will cooperate fully in any investigation of system or network security violations at other sites. Hostblck.com. will cooperate fully with investigations of system or network security violations at other sites. This includes cooperating with law enforcement authorities in the investigation of suspected criminal activity. Users who violate system or network security may be subject to criminal or civil liability.